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Dry Woods

ISS Discovery School: Spring 2022

Create your own adventure!

4 April 2022 - 8 April 2022

+65 6939 6117

Discover with us!

Our next ISS Discovery School instalment will be back from 4 April to 8 April 2022!


Spring School 2022 will bring you a variety of activities to keep you busy during the Spring break. Featuring a new course run by CASE Space Academy, students can experience different hands-on STEAM activities through exploring Mars in depth, and also experience a live tour directly from NASA. Students will also be able to interact and engage with students from Australia too!


Ranging from our week-long English Language Intensive Course to Ultimate Coding class to EXIS extreme inline skating, you can choose the courses according to your schedule!

Our courses are open for all age-eligible students. Limited slots available due to COVID-19 restrictions, so do sign-up quickly!

Older students from G6 to G10 who would like to take short Spring break to improve on their English can join our ISS English Intensive Courses. Classes are open to public so come experience the way our English teachers support our non-native English speakers at school!

                           Join us at ISS Discovery School: Spring 2022!                           

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