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Option 2:

Python, Math + Chatbots 


Heard of Python and not sure where to start? Get started on Python programming with our award-winning curriculum that utilises knowledge from Mathematics syllabus taught in school! Using key concepts, students will explore developing a Movie-Age Checker and even creating their very own personalised “Baymax.” 


Students will be learning: 

  • Introduction to Python and the different various data types

  • Making decisions with Conditional Operators 

  • Apply Mathematics learnt in school to create something uniquely yours 

  • Develop your very own “Baymax” – A Personal Healthcare Companion 


Ending off with a project showcase, your child will be able to express their creativity and challenge themselves beyond their abilities. 

Option 1:

Mobile App Developer 


Explore the MIT App Inventor platform - A visual programming language that will kickstart your child’s interest in mobile app development! Dive into the key concepts of programming and have your child create their very own app at the end of our 5-day camp. 


Students will be learning: 

  • Introduction to App Inventor and explore the interface

  • Events-Driven Programming with the use of Variables and Procedures

  • Animating various media components such as animations and voice recognition

  • Design an interactive game that can be put to test immediately - Create a Robot Shooter Game or a mini version of Pokemon Go! 


Ending off with a project showcase, your child will be able to express their creativity and explore the endless possibilities with what they can create. 

Ages 10-12

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Ages 13-18

Python Meets Math (S101) 


Step into the shoes of search engine giant, Google when you use Python to solve real-world problems, or understand the Python code behind the virality of your Instagram posts. 


No prior experience in coding? Don’t worry, our Flagship Python starting course for teens gives students a strong grounding in Python basics and its applications. Students will learn the key concepts of Python programming and the adaptation of them in real-life situations. 


Students will be learning: 

  • Booleans and Conditionals 

  • While Loops

  • Functions 

  • Fun and exciting timed challenges - Craft a Chatbot, ace the Fibonacci Sequence Challenge and many more!


Ending off with Coding Lab’s iconic hackathon, your child will be able to express their creativity by using the key concepts learnt and create a unique RPG Adventure Game of their own. 


Grade 4-7 / 8-12


Week 2 (27th June to 1st July)

Week 3 (4th July to 8th July)

Time: 9am to 11am

Pricing: $476.15 (inclusive of GST)

Minimum: 4 pax

Maximum: 8 pax

ISS Discovery School will provide laptops.

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