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Water Trekkers

27 to 29 June, 9am to 3pm

Singapore is blessed with clean running water here, but we are considered one of the world’s most water-stressed countries. Hence everyone needs to cultivate responsible water use from a young.

In this programme, our children learn about our water systems by investigating our water canals and streams, locating the drains below us and conducting experiments and get opportunities through exploration and experiments. Our water trekkers will get to make simple tools to participate in water activities at different catchment areas to discover the interrelationships between water, wildlife, and other living things on earth. Bring home full-fledged junior water conservators after the camp!


Learning Focus:

  • Outdoor Learning – Importance of Water and its movement

  • Outdoor Adventure – Water Safety

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge of how we can keep our waterways clean and practice good water habits to ensure water sustainability

  • Promote stewardship for keeping our water clean and sustainable

  • Use of simple tool to create resources at outdoors

  • Develop responsibility, risk-taking and resiliency

Forest Scouts

13 to 15 July, 10am to 4pm

Do you worry your child will hurt themselves and not know what dangers to look out for when outdoors? What should you do when we come across poisonous plants and wild animals in the forests?

Enjoy a multi-sensory learning experience with nature through a child-led rescue mission. Learn to identify possible hazards in the forest, minimise the risks and be equipped with basic survival skills if left alone in the woods. Through collaborative play, children will develop their creative and problem-solving skills with the help of others.


Learning Focus:

  • Outdoor Learning – Safety floral fauna (Poisonous plants and venomous animals)

  • Outdoor Adventure – Risk Assessment

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between venomous and poisonous

  • Awareness on useful, edible, and poisonous plants

  • Ability to identify risk and hazards in nature and react appropriately when met with risks

  • Develop responsibility, risk-taking and resiliency



Pricing: $353.10 (inclusive GST)

Lunch included

Day 1: ISS International School

Day 2 and 3: Transport to the various parks and back to ISS provided

Minimum 12 pax

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