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Mindful Art |
Positive Journaling|

POsitive journaling workshop

Suitable for 9-12 years old

Mindful art and journaling can have positive effects in helping us make sense of our thoughts and feelings, and
help bring focus and calm. This workshop provides an opportunity for individuals to experience guided journaling, through a series of hands-on mindful art and positive journaling activities for self-care, self-expression and self-discovery.


The focus will be on positive journaling, where participants will uncover their signature values/strengths (i.e. values in action) and explore how journaling can help us to discover more about ourselves and our inner values/strengths.


Research has shown that strengths use is linked to higher levels of well-being. Therefore, this experiential learning workshop allows individuals to explore using positive journaling as a pathway to enhance well-being for self and others around us.


Suitable for 13-15 years old

Bullet journaling (BuJo) is known for its ability to help people organise their thoughts and keep track of their
goals, tasks and schedules


Invented by Ryder Carroll, BuJo is a popular journaling system which allows users to leverage a clear structure, to freely build layouts on blank pages of their journals, as tools to help make the BuJo system more customised and effective for personal use

This workshop will take you through the basics of how to BuJo, as a way to bring mindfulness, productivity and
creativity into journaling


Learn all about the different components that are used in a BuJo, after which there will be a hands-on session to
plan your very own layout


You will get to understand, learn and experience: concept of bullet journaling, lifestyle journaling, creative presentation, sample layouts for inspiration, journaling prompts and sustainable journaling.

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Positive Journaling Workshop (9-12 years old)

20th December, Tuesday, 1pm to 3pm


Bullet Journaling for Mindfulness and Productivity (13-15 years old)

27th December, Tuesday, 1pm to 3pm

Minimum 3 pax, maximum 10 pax

Pricing: $406.60 per pax
Participants will receive a take-home notebook and art materials worth $100
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