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Classroom Without Walls Junior

Suitable for 7-10 years old

28-29 December 2022
9am to 4pm

The keyword for the younger ones will be exposure.


Providing them with positive experiences that will continue to build their curiosity in learning.


The world today has changed tremendously and we need to ensure that the students of today are exposed to the correct set of skills to keep themselves updated.


Let’s not prepare the students for a world of the past, and instead, prepare them for the future.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Creativity & Ideation

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Project Management

4. Teamwork, leadership & Communication – World Skills

5. Goal Setting & Timeline

6.   Presentation Skills

7. UI/UX Design, 3D Modelling & Coding


The First sTEP

Suitable for 11-17 years old

22 December 2022
9am to 12.30pm

The First Step is a 1-day motivational experience to provide a boost for students.


Every kid will be in different stages of their lives, but the goals are common. An exciting experience to get to know them as well as understand themselves deeper will be vital for their progress.


Together with a learning experience, we will play sports as well. We will be using the best tools and practices that leaders use!


Learning Outcomes:

1. Self-Awareness

2. Self-Management

3. Goal Setting

4. Motivation

5. Creating focus

6.   Reducing Stress and Anxiety

7. Daily routine to success


Suitable for 11-17 years old

23-24 December 2022
9am to 4pm

A good learner needs to be able to learn new things, and manage and solve problems throughout their life.


Education’s intention is to do that. The skills and habits that will be learned during Go Score is something that your kids will use for the long term and is important for a student’s success.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Finding out their learning preferences

2. Organise their learning and make sure they are independent/responsible

3. Set their goals and timeline for the year

4. Effective and Learning Strategies

5. Connection Based Learning

6. Positive Habits and Routines

7. Managing stress and Anxiety



7-10 years old

Classroom without Walls Junior (28-29 Dec 2022)

Time: 9am to 4pm

Pricing: $428 (inclusive of GST)

11-17 years old

The First Step (22 Dec 2022)

Timing: 9am to 12.30pm

Pricing: Complimentary for Go Score Senior participants

Go Score Senior (23-24 Dec 2022)

Time: 9am to 4pm

Pricing: $428 (inclusive of GST)

Lunch and tea break are included in full day programmes


Minimum 15 students to start 

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