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Mindful Camp

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No travel plans? Why not take this Winter break opportunity to empower your child to be a confident, passionate and responsible leader? Join the Mindful Camp, held right in the heart of ISS International School, admist the lush surroundings of Telok Blangah Hill Park. Using Mindfulness and Social-emotional Learning as a framework, the Mindful Camp works to provide a nurturing space to nourish each child in their heart, body and mind; in turn allowing creativity and joy to reign free for learning and growth.                                    

Our Philosophy

A healthy dose of mindfulness, arts, nature and play for the thriving child!

We believe that in providing our children with a balanced nutrition in areas of the heart, mind and body, they would be equipped to expand and thrive.

Using Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning as a framework, we work to empower our children to grow as confident, compassionate and responsible leaders. Mindfully chosen activities from these elements: mindfulness & social-emotional learning

Our holistic approach provides campers with an environment to connect with nature and new friends giving them a healthy learning experience and memorable break away from academics and screens.

Mindfully chosen activities from these elements:

Image by Anway Pawar

Mindfulness &
Social-emotional Learning

Teenagers in Nature


Art Class


Girls in a Sports Practice



Grade 1 - 3

Date: 27 Dec 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Time: Full Day (except 31st Dec)

  • Full Day: 9am to 4pm

  • 31st Dec: 9am to 12pm

Pricing: $680/1 week

Grade 4 - 6

Date: 03 Jan 2022 - 07 Jan 2022

Time: Full Day (9am to 4pm)

Pricing: $680/1 week

Lunch will be provided by vendor

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