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Winter Sports

ISS Discovery School: Winter 2021

Create your own adventure!

27 December 2021 - 07 January 2022

+65 6939 6117

Discover with us!

ISS Discovery School: Winter 2021 is back this year with more exciting and fun courses for all ages! If you have not planned your post-Christmas schedule yet, we’d like to invite YOU to join us as we usher in the new year!

A new addition to our ISS Discovery School – students can look forward to attending a plethora of physical and hands-on programmes to stay productive during this break. Two weeks of jam-packed activities awaits students and they can look forward to courses ranging from soccer, mindful camp, coding and of course a special day-out to RWS SEA Aquarium on 20th December 2021! 

Our soccer, coding and mindful camps are open for all age-eligible students. Limited slots available due to COVID-19 restrictions, so do sign-up quickly!

Older students from G6 to G10 who would like to take the December break to improve on their English can join our ISS English Intensive Courses. Classes are open to public so come experience the way our English teachers support our non-native English speakers at school!

                           Join us at ISS Discovery School: Winter 2021!                                 

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